Alone with the Dawn

Alone with the Dawn
Alone with the Dawn
Duration:03:35   Year:2014
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“ALONE WITH THE DAWN” was created with the idea of two people in love, who are starting their new life together waking up ‘Alone with the Dawn’ as one, signifying that beginning. Hope You all enjoy it, because my Heart & Soul went into the production of this song, and the meaning speaks for itself, short & sweet.

Thank You all for buying my Song, You will most certainly love the whole version, and the very emotional lead guitar part that was just made for the song’s whole emotional vibe!

Thanks again!

Greg Demeter

Also available in high definition format!

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Brian Demeter at Vinyl Audio Recording Studio – remastered in June, 2015.

Format: 320k MP3

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